No excuses

I’m going to write something a bit different this week. I’ve been finding it a bit harder to write this last week or so, most bloggers would blame writers block or a busy life and I totally could say that, but it would be a lie. I honestly have plenty of ideas and time but, just lately I’ve been lacking the modivation, not because I don’t love writing or having a blog but because that’s just how my mind is sometimes. I’m not going to sugar coat it for myself, its probably part of the reason I haven’t been successful in my writing adventures. I aim this blog to be honest, even if that means with myself. I’ll write something else soon, I just needed to get something out in words.

On a lighter note, this song suits the mood. 

No Excuses By Alice in chains 


so I got really busy in the last week and really didn’t get time to think about writing a post, I should post tomorrow but you never know what’s going to happen, it’ll happen when it happens.

Write Noise #2

For this weeks song post, I really had to think about it hard. I have a lot of music and trying to find just one song that helps is harder than it sounds, but I’m writing this so it must mean I’ve made up my damn mind, so good for me!
This week I’ve gone for something a little less serious. I’ve chosen Sabotage by Beastie Boys. Now this song is an awesome one musically and like almost all Beastie Boys songs it’s a little in your face in the best kind of way, but as much as I do love this song, its the film clip that made me choose it this week. The clip is a parody ripping on 70s/80s cop tv shows, I’ve watched it a million times and it makes me laugh still to this day. Writers block for me happens a lot when I stress, this song will at least make you laugh and that’s a good start I say.

994 Gigabytes of downloads anyone?

So this post isn’t replacing my normal posts for the week but I read this article this morning and I couldn’t not comment on it.
On Sunday, the Australian telephone/internet company Telstra gave their customers a 24 hour free data day due to massive outage on March 18. A 27-year-old network engineer by the name of John Szaszvari, who has many issues with his Telstra internet service, took full advantage of this and racked up a huge 994 gigabytes of data, roughly worth around $10,000. Szaszvari refuses to apologise to Telstra for this due to, as he put it, he was driven to this, because of terrible service. Link to the full story here:

My Views on this:

I’m going to be honest here, I’ve had some terrible experiences with Telstra and I find this hilarious. Telstra are famous for there terrible customer service but never seem to try to fix it, as much as my teenage anarchist phase has passed my life, i can’t help but laugh when a big business gets 1-upped by the little guy. People are bitching about the fact he abused the service and saying he ruined it for everyone. In all honesty I feel like people are complaining because they didn’t think of it first. Just be happy for the little guy, they rarely win at all.

Murder is murder.

I’ve been following this story this week. The father (Ben Batterham) found an intruder (Richard James Slater) in his daughters room in rummaging through it, as he tried to make a citizens arrest, a fight broke out and he killed the man, now Batterham is being charged with murder and many are saying he shouldn’t. (link to the full story here

My Views on this: 

Now as a father myself I understand the want to protect my family. Almost any parent would say they would hurt the person that poses any sort of a threat to their child. I look at this situation and I understand the thought of this father, but the point of this blog is honest thoughts and I have to say, in this situation the killing of Slater was not what should have been done, and yes Batterham should be charged for murder. We all like to say we would kill to protect our children and no doubt I’m sure there is a situation where I myself would, but I would never expect to not go to jail for my crime. From what I have read Slater was not what I would call a good person, but despite who he was, murder for whatever reason is wrong, if we start to pick and choose what killing is right or wrong we will surely, but truly, descend into chaos.

Write Noise #1

I thought I’d start this segment separate from my regular posts on Sundays. I like most writers, I suffer from the unfortunate plague called writers block. Sometimes it lasts a day and other times it can last years. What I found helps (other than a large bottle of whisky), is music, at least for me anyway, so I’m going to share a song once a week that I found helped me and talk about it a bit.

First song I’d like to share is this beauty from the 90s grunge band Alice In Chains. From the album Dirt, this grungy beat  with its amazing bass line and Layne Staley hitting those real peaks in grunge singing that the 90s were all about, should help to loosen a few words from your mind. 

First post and I’m talking about terrorism and religion, A sarcastic ‘way to go man’ for me.

So as many of you may have heard, earlier this week there were terrorist attacks carried out in Brussels, Belgium, killing 31 people and injuring over 200. ISIL of course taking credit. My thoughts go out to all the families and friends of those harmed.
My Thoughts on this,

I think what scares me about attacks like this is, these people do this in the name of faith to their god. I’m not a religious person but if there is a god (which ever version you choose to believe in), are they okay with all the blood spilt in their name? Do they really want this? Because if so, and these people do get the heaven deal, I think I’ll choose hell thanks, I’m a big fan of the warmth anyway.